Cecil Atkission Motors In Kerrville, TX

Cecil Atkission Motors

When the products are similar, the dealer makes the difference.

Cecil Atkission Automotive Group is best expressed in that slogan, authored by Cecil 25 years ago.

After over 30 years in the car business, the Cecil Atkission Automotive Group draws its personality and much of our culture from our founder and namesake. Cecil Atkission started the business after serving in Vietnam and rising through the ranks at Capitol Chevrolet in Austin, Texas. His wife Nancy grew up on U.S. Air Force bases around the world as her father, a jet pilot, met his assignments throughout Cold War duty stations. Some of their employees say it is just because Cecil and Nancy are real, friendly, and kind people. Others, very familiar with them, will tell you that a very conservative entrepreneurial stream runs through their veins.  

Cecil Atkission is one of us. The son of a West Texas Cattleman, Cecil spent his early years learning to appreciate hard work. He grew up in the cattle and livestock freight business with a genuine appreciation for basic values and the importance of family. 

As the manufacturers began to notice his prowess in pleasing customers, opportunities began to develop to acquire new vehicle franchise dealerships in Texas. First, with General Motors and Chrysler Corporation and eventually with Ford, Lincoln, and Toyota, the Cecil Atkission name began to stand for fair dealing, easy transactions, and a fun business atmosphere. 

Growth and opportunity have attracted top-rung corporate talent to the management team—including Corporate Vice President and General Managers, Tate Richburg and Tommy Atkinson, and General Manager, Scott Barlow— plus, the newest rising star—General Sales Manager, Trey Atkission. 

Capable, intelligent dealership management is a hallmark of the Cecil Atkission culture. General Managers make sure the Cecil Atkission dealerships are good corporate citizens in our local communities—demonstrating servant leadership in our home cities. Leading our enterprises and representing their communities is another of cadre of brilliant managers delivering the Cecil Atkission culture locally—people like Shahin Salehoun in our Orange, Texas location, Louis Cozby in our Burnet, Texas location, and Victor De Los Reyes representing us in Del Rio, Texas. 
But, even as the automobile business has become a complex, technology-based enterprise, the Cecil Atkission business has continued to expand in rural Texas towns. Cecil himself insists on family values and small-town friendliness in all the operations. And with the addition of new families to the management team, those values grow unabated.

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