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How to Create Your Own Drive-In Theater at Home

In the time of social distancing, going to a movie theater may not be something you feel comfortable doing. A great way to still enjoy a theater experience and stay safe is with a drive-in movie. You can make the drive to the Stars & Stripes Drive-In Theatre in New Bruanfels, or you can create your own theater at home in Kerrville, Texas.

  1. Find a space. Find a large open area. This could be in your backyard, in your garage, or even a large room in your house.
  2. Get a screen. Many people simply hang a white sheet for their movie screen. You can also go more high-tech with an inflatable movie screen.
  3. Choose a projector. There is a wide range of projector options. Choose one that works with your budget.
  4. Hook up the sound. Find the best speakers for your movie setup. Try Bluetooth® speakers or outdoor speakers.
  5. Choose your seats. Get comfortable with a bean bag chair, cozy camp chair, or just pillows and blankets.
  6. Invite your guests. Movie night can be fun for the whole family. If you feel comfortable, invite friends from your neighborhood and community to help make the evening even more fun. Just make sure to encourage everyone to be safe and responsible.

The late summer and early fall are great times to head to a drive-in theater or create one at home. If you need a family-friendly vehicle perfect for a road trip or outing with your crew, visit Cecil Atkission GM in Kerrville.

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