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How to Protect Your Car from Sun Damage

As nice as the sunshine is, it can have a negative effect on your vehicle’s appearance in the long run. By following some simple steps, you can protect your car from sun damage and stay looking cool in Kerrville, Texas.

Simple tips

Park in the shade whenever possible — staying out of direct sunlight will keep your upholstery fresh and the temperatures in your car manageable. Try to use windshield covers, as these reduce the amount of sunshine and heat affecting your interior.

Keep it clean

Take care of your air filters, as summer dust can clog them and decrease your fuel economy. Regularly wiping down your dashboard is also a good idea, as the sun can bake dust and dirt into the dashboard and turn them into a hard-to-clean problem.

Waxing your car at least twice a year grants the paint an extra layer of defense against UV rays in sunshine, keeping your paint job at a better quality for a longer period.

Regular checks

Check your car’s fluid levels often. Running low on motor oil, coolant or air conditioning fluid means what’s left is more prone to boiling — which can cause you a huge issue.

For a long-lasting battery, keep an eye on it during the summer. High temperatures reduce battery efficiency and can eventually lead to battery failure if left unchecked.

At Cecil Atkission GM, we make protecting your vehicle a priority. Our friendly service staff will work to ensure that your ride serves you for many, many summers to come.   

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