Trick or Treat Safety Tips From Cecil Atkission Motors in Kerrville, TX

Important Trick-or-Treat Safety Tips for 2019

Halloween is here again, so that means it’s time to dress your little ones up like their favorite superheroes or video game characters for the time-honored tradition of trick-or-treating. Because this fun holiday has your kids going door to door and roaming the neighborhood, you’ll want to be aware of some trick-or-treat safety tips that will help keep the safe, happy, and collecting that sweet candy.

Never go alone

The preferable way to trick or treat is with your kid — especially if that means you have an excuse to wear a costume of your own. If you or your partner are not able to be with your little one on All Hallows Eve, make certain they’re with a group and that there’s a trusted adult present.

Light it up

Trick or treat feels just right by the fading light of day, but that also increases the danger. Make sure that your children are wearing some bright article of clothing that makes them easier to see at night and/or have them hold a flashlight to make them easier to spot.

Stick to the sidewalk

Your children should never leave the safety of the sidewalk when trick or treating. Walking in the street is dangerous even in neighborhoods where drivers are attentive. Have your child walk on the far edge away from the road and make sure they always look both ways whenever crossing the street.

By keeping these and other important trick-or-treat safety tips in mind, you can ensure that everyone has a happy Halloween in 2019. If you want a treat of your own, stop into Cecil Atkission GM and we’ll offer you a price so good you might think it’s a trick.

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